Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Android 2018

We use YouTube not only to entertain ourselves but to learn, to progress and even inform ourselves of the global events. YouTube has become the only “Go-To” place for streaming audio & video for free, in HD (if available), to watch full-length movies in thousands of different languages, and even to watch LIVE News coverage!



Imagine you are watching a very funny video on your phone while connected to Wi-Fi network, either at college, or home or work, and you want to show that to your friends later, but sadly you have no data plan activated on your phone, wouldn’t it be much simpler to just download the video to your phone so you can watch the video a million more times and laugh?! Well, now your prayers have been answered. There has been quite a surge on the Internet regarding reliable video downloaders apps, but most of them resulted in a doughnut. Today, Android Crush lists out the 8 Best YouTube video Downloader Apps for Android 2018.

Best YouTube Video Downloaders For Android 2018

1. Videoder

Videoder is an app with many oddly fascinating features. It has a staggering UI and ensures faster downloading. There is a converter built into the app for easier conversion from video files to audio files. The user can specify the resolution and formats of the downloaded videos, and multi-download feature gives the user access to several video downloads at once. Another striking feature is the built-in browser, that makes it very easy for you to down from anywhere at any time, with just one little click. Did I said, it has an adblocker built-in?


Well, there are many other things that makes this a best YouTube video downloader for Android like batch processing, add multiple videos you need to download it will be without your input after that. Also it supports over 50+ sites, so you can download videos irrespective of the platform.

Videoder Supported sites

it also got few customization options as well, you have a plethora of themes available to choose from, also the addition of night mode (filtering the blue light to make it easier on eyes) in the recent update is a well change. We think it is one of the if not the best YouTube video downloader app available for Android.

Download Videoder

2. TubeMate We are certain that most of you remember TubeMate since it became popular for being the only most reliable software to be downloaded to your Android without a hassle and allows downloads of YouTube videos.


You can work it very easily by accessing the browser and clicking on the little ‘green’ arrow at the top of the screen to download your chosen video. You can view all your downloads of this nature in a separate download library, or if you want to watch it within the app, there is built-in video player as well. Overall, one of the top download managers for Android, to get your YouTube videos.

Download Tubemate

3. EasyTube

EasyTube is an old app that is still considered one of the best in the business of downloading YouTube videos to your Android. One of the key features is its faster-downloading capabilities, built-in search option to search for videos, music, films, etc and in an unlimited supply.


The app has a very friendly UI that offers simpler exploration throughout, allowing you to download videos and audios from YouTube in various file formats. This way you get to pick the right format that will play best with your Android smartphone or tablet.

Download Easytube

4. WonTube

WonTube is yet another youtube video downloader app that is best at what it does. It’s considered as one of the most reliable and noteworthy apps for Android YouTube Video Downloading. It has an impressive UI and has the ability to download at lightning fast speeds.


Besides being 100% free app, it also streams YouTube videos without buffering, so no more excuse for breaking your phone into pieces… It’s also the best app for Data connections such as 3G, 4G, etc, and it comes with a notification feature.

Download Wontube 5. Tubex

Tubex is yet another free app that is meant for YouTube video downloads to your Android device that can be used to watch & download videos without any discomfort. Now you can download almost any video that is fabricated for your Android device, at a higher speed, even if your Internet pack delivers slow output. It would be best if you test your net connection using Speedtest.


Some of the key features include multi-download ability, multi-format support- MP3, MP4, FLV, 720P, convertible video files, play & pause, saving your favourite video to YouTube playlist.

Download Tubex

6. YouTube Downloader

YouTube Download is one of the complete apps out there that supports downloading YouTube videos. This app also has a built-in search & download option, but what makes it different from others is that you can also use your default YouTube app. Following the latter option, you can share the video and select YouTube Downloader from the set of options presented to you.

You can also pick the version of the video and you can also individually extract the MP3 audio file. All your downloaded files can be accessed from the dashboard and you can open them with a default media player.

7. iSkySoft iTube Studio

iSkySoft iTube Studio is a highly advised YouTube Downloader for Android. It can very efficiently download videos from YouTube at a super fast speed. You can convert audio/video files using the app conversion feature and send it to Android devices.

With this app, you get 1-click video downloading from over 1000 sites including YouTube, Vimeo, VEVO, etc. The multi-download feature is enabled and you can also schedule each one separately. You can also convert videos to fit any device you choose to play it on, also, the app comes with a media player.

Download iSkysoft

8. Vidmate

Vidmate is one of the most well-known and recommended apps for video downloading to Android devices. It comes packed with tons of features that support watching videos online and downloading them from various websites in a few clicks.

vid mate

Some of the distinguishing features include downloading from the default YouTube, watching live TV, auto-detection of videos prior to download, auto-selecting resource links for videos.

Download Vidmate


Whichever Android phone you may use, you cannot resist the urge to download something interesting to your phone because you liked it once, you would want to keep watching it over and over. That’s why Android YouTube video downloaders are so popular and in demand for Android devices.

If you have personally been using any app for many years in a row that you want to let us know about, don’t be shy and type in your suggestions. Also, sharing is caring, so don’t forget to share these youtube video downloading apps for Android and your own picks with the whole Android community.